League Boundaries

Published by League Admin
Nov 06, 2018

West Valley Little League boundaries are defined as follows: 

Starting at the corner of Highway 20/26 at the intersection of I-84, follow I-84 northwest to the intersection of Goodson Road (Amsco), head east on Goodson Road until it ends, than follow a straight line to the northwest corner of Ada county line, following east across the northern Ada County line, to Highway 55, Includes all of the Avimore Development then south along Highway 55, at Beacon Light Road shift from Highway 55 to Old Horseshoe Bend Road and continue south to Floating Feather Road. Proceed west on Floating Feather to Highway 55, go south on Highway 55 to the intersection of Hill Road. Head west on Hill Road to a dividing point just east of S. Parkinson Way. All houses on Parkinson belong in West Valley. Following a line to the Boise River, along the river and follow the line between Boise and Garden City south along Branstetter Road to Chinden Blvd. Proceed West along Chinden Blvd/Hwy 20/26 to the point of beginning at the corner of Highway 20/26 and I-84. Please note the Eastern Boundary of West Valley Little League follows the split between the Meridian School District and the Boise School District.